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News about the Kuhnwaldt-Area (W51.1)



Within the process of building on the former Kuhnwaldt property and the announced eviction of the Starkenburg barracks, the district of the Waldkolonie is going to change a lot. The plan is to create 2400 apartments for 5000 people on the 40 ha large surface.


The people in the AG-Quartiersentwicklung demanded to be well informed about the planning process regarding the Kuhnwaldt-area. Thanks to the “Stadtviertelrunde” of the Waldkolonie a participation tool for the inhabitants was established which helps to include the suggestions of the people. 


The results of the process about brainstorming of possibilities und chances of using the former Kuhnwaldt-Area were conveyed to the city. These results are supposed to be considered while a study is in the progress which deals with what is doable with this area. The outcome of this study will be presented on the 3rd of February 2022 during a citizen`s meeting.


It is essentially important that the people of the Waldkolonie are included in the developing process of their own habitat to provide a variety of different realities. A few suggestions for the Area are a supermarket, more public spaces especially for children and young people and a fully accessible community house. 


Everyone in the Waldkolonie is happily invited to attend in the process of developing the Kuhnwaldt-Area. :)